What should I do if my voucher doesn't work?
Please wait at least one working day before you try to redeem your voucher.
This means that if your voucher was issued on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you will need to wait until 5pm on the following Monday.
After this, if your voucher still doesn't work, please email
respect@tmgsupport.co.uk so that we can look into it for you.

How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?
We deal with orders on a daily basis during working days. It will usually take 3-4 days for your order to be delivered to you.
The most it will take us to handle your order is 14 days, in case of unusually high activity.

Do you always have stock of all items on the webshop?
We aim to have sufficient stock available at all times. However, due to the bespoke nature of the goods, it sometimes takes a little longer to replenish stocks.
If an item is out of stock, we will make sure this is clearly indicated on the webshop.

Why do I have to pay for postage and packaging?
We, at TMG Support, make absolutely no profit from the actual sale of the products on the webshop.
Our role is purely to manage the webshop, store all the stock, and handle orders. As a direct result of this, we incur staff costs, overhead costs, packaging costs, dispatch costs and payment processing costs. We must pass on these costs to be able to operate profitably as a business.
We have to charge a minimum of £5 + VAT per order to cover our costs, and this can result in very small orders seem like they have disproportionate delivery costs.
We would recommend placing a larger order to avoid this, by perhaps joining forces with other clubs when placing orders.